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Los Gatos Welcomes Montebello Market

east-Coast Comfort in Los Gatos, California

When we first checked out the food markets in the neighborhood, we felt like something was missing. We found ourselves always talking about products we'd seen in other places, foods we missed from the East Coast, and drinks & eats that were part of our memories. All these inspired Montebello’s Mission.

SourcingQuality Products

Every bottle of sauce and seasoning on our shelves is made with top-quality care and ingredients, and you'll know it when you see it. We believe authenticity and quality should always define us. Our shelf selections are local, handpicked products made by real people who really embody our love of food that tells a story.

Giving BackFostering Community

Have you looked around lately? Our neighborhood is full of people doing incredible things every day. We support local and global organizations because the neighborhood and our world need it.

The Montebello Market Team

man with black shirt smiling

David Cohen

The Energetic Chef.

David “grew up on the kitchen counter” in Philadelphia. A third generation restaurant owner, cooking is in his DNA.

After graduating from Cornell University, he moved to Santorini to work at Selene, then cooked his way around Europe. David’s love of farm fresh produce, Kerouac, and the Grateful Dead brought him to the West Coast, where he cooked in San Francisco, Napa, and San Diego before relocating to Los Gatos. Montebello Market is David’s homage to the East-Coast traditions that raised him, and a nostalgic nod to all his food-related adventures.

man smiling with red checkered shirt on

Jim Foley

The Passionate Foodie.

Here’s how you know if something’s good or not: wait ‘til Jim takes a bite, then watch his reaction. 

Although Jim’s primary career is real estate, he's always been an enthusiast of the hospitality industry. He has dedicated years to advocating for the success of bars, restaurants, and nightclubs in Northern and Southern California, one drink and sandwich at a time. Currently, Jim serves as the co-chair of the Los Gatos Food & Wine Group, where he is involved in efforts to expand the local culinary scene.

man with brown shirt and glasses

Jason Farwell

The Life of the Party.

Jason “Jay” Farwell loves 3 things: food, the outdoors, and parties.

Prior to practicing law, Jay owned a successful bar and restaurant, where he developed a passion for bringing people together. He brings a spirit of celebration and 25 years of business experience to this new culinary adventure in Los Gatos, where his roots run deep – he's a fifth generation Los Gatan! Jay's local knowledge, community, and eclectic taste are vital to the mission of Montebello Market.